What Tree Care Does For Us

Most trees don’t know what they are being used for or what their purpose is on this earth. The majority of the Tree care services out there will tell you what they are being used for in most cases. The list can go on and on about the things they are used for every day but a big one is for music and different kinds of woods are always for the sound being transmitted out into the noise spectrum. There are certain tones in certain kinds of woods and how they are assembled.

Keeping our trees healthy and having them take part in the tradition of giving them medicine and treating them the correct way. That’s the way they are supposed to be and how they are always supposed to be. The traditional way is how to hire a tree trimming company  and that’s how you get the job done with that.

The wood of trees are special to us in many forms for the simple fact they are every day putting more and more instruments and other music products that are initially the start and the good for the music business. Every day there is more than hundreds of thousands of instruments being made with woods of today’s generation and forestries around the world. We use a big amount and plant a big amount every day contribute the better of our well-being and the longevity of this planet so we can live here as long as we need it.

When taking into affect what wood to use you have to evaluate the wood and make sure no disease is on there if there is there is a number of services that local arborist can use them for example, tree injections for root systems, getting pipeline down to the root/ vascular system to cleanse it fully. It just depends on the circumstance of the tree. Woods have to be healthy and ready to chopped down.

Scouting the right venue

The band decides at the end on what type of venue they want to play but majority time we decide as a core. When doing so we tend to look at all perspectives of the venue to make sure its a good place to of course play and how the venue looks. We all know we have to have a professional looking place where the band can present itself to the people. When doing so we take this in all perspective for example, looking the exterior at the common plant foliage, or tree disease or just simply reconstruction of anything.

When working with these kind of conditions we take in effect all of the key elements of what the building and exterior may effect our money. We try to find specific key roles to help us maintain high dollars in our industry so we can make good enough money to survive on the road of this music business since it can be very difficult at times.

Making the right choice the first time can result to successful results and make us fortune for the night if we have the right atmosphere and all the the  other key elements that goes into maintaining a show to go on. It is a lot of components that come together to keep the ball rolling in the direction of money and all that other good stuff that goes with it. To help us with the exterior we have a specific tree firm with 25 years of experience that will help us make the right choice and prevent us to not make money as well.

Its a lot of key components that come into play for this role. I as a manger and maintaining this band to keep in one piece and help them to get national its important to remain above all things and control everything in a way where it benefits and helps the rest of the band. All this is important for the nature of the band and everything else that comes into play with it.

Another thing that most tree guys tell me when this happens is when it is exposed and it needs to be sealed up like anything if it is open then it will be exposed of all the excess bacteria out there out to destroy it. I came to realize the vast majority of all the trees I encountered on each and every venue is that the trees are exposing the root system and need to be treated correctly to maintain that perfect landscape look that will influence the purchase of merchandise and all the other things you have for sale at the venue.

Playing at Bars

The other day the band and I came across this cool looking bar that was pretty big actually for a bar but they had much more people coming by there it was like a semi bar and club but it’s a cool looking one. So the guys and I decide that this is worth playing at and will be a fun thing to do on the side since we didn’t have a gig going on. We talk to the guys in charge and get them to like our music and tell them we are goo pick and we can get yall people at yall bar tonight.

That night we had a gig we took about 150 people there and more I’m sure because we have faithful loyal fans that are to drive any to see us because we put on a damn good show. We had played for well over an hr and one break in the middle to get some drinks on. That night got so live that I felt the people as one entity and made the whole floor rumble like loud big subwoofer under the actual floor.

That night was really fun and had me rolling for days because of the girls that were girl fanning over us and getting all panties in wet wode for us. I was thinking about that gig for days because it was so much from crowd surfing to like girls showing their boobies. Bars are super fun to play at depending on the demographics of the place and area around. We were in a high-class area so people there had no shame haha.

All Over America

Our group has been together for 10 years now and we have been making music since we could ever remember. We have been making music since we made it to our first puberty stages. Now we see how this has changed us over the years and has implemented structure into our lives to been driven by the discipline and the constantness of practicing every day in the evening and making music to further our passions in music. This has helped tremendously with our lives and germane.

Playing all sorts of bar and venues we saw how people loved our music and we did too. We loved seeing the crowd get so pumped about our jams and how we brought them together as a core. later in the years, we became to get comfortable with the music and started getting more and more complex to get challenged and start something else. to make us be better or develop something different within us.

All these requirements and long nights of making music and has came to the realization that we are in need of something much more. So we started to look further and realized we need another member in the group to give us a little more flavor. So we added a blank new bass player and man this gave us such a groovy taste and genre type of music.

We realized that we needed that change and now we have exploded and made more than 100,000 in album sells and made much money in the time period we have been doing this. This developed into something that we started to love again but there is much more on the other side than we perceive at that given moment.

Music As An Entity

Music has influenced the early regions of this earth and how society
in the whole demographics of this world is being developed into an
actual living breathing civilization. Music has much power through
words that the physical but how some odd reason one song could play in
a hole memory lane will appear in your brain. It’s common to say that
music is life. It has formed society astonishingly.

The way lyrics are composed in certain ways are particular poetic in
some ways and experience in another. It’s common to see how people
express themselves I’m more than sure you heard the saying it’s a self-expression
to how I really feel inside. Some people result to music
for conflict for reason and for some sort of resolution to their

People time and time again result to music and rely on it as if it was
some sort of God Idol that they trust in for confinement. Music is a
very powerful way of demonstrating how you can influence a society to
do something. For example now in days R&B and hip-hop artist does
certain dances that intrigue the audience to do so and they pertain
that sort of information and output it to demonstrate them and how
they influence them.

Music as an into tea has definitely constructed informed the roots of
our society and how we people have revolved around to a civilization
that can actually pertain to reason with music. To conclude all this
music is an essential part two what we call life.


Touring around with a group guys can be fun. When going around the city to city jumping around and playing gigs different bars meeting new people and it’s a good way of living. I Came to realize that the music industry is extremely difficult. It has molded and structured me be a better man.

Touring around with these guys have definitely taught me a lot of things in life. Especially how to annoy somebody in the car. Doing so this has enabled me to meet a lot of new people. To be like a butterfly and just fly around. Music has been an essential part to society since back in the day.

It has definitely taught us all as an entity. When realizing this, I grew and has enlightened that the music industry was pretty much like Uncle Sam. Teaching me to do so I grew with my brothers and have grown in the music by Learning their new curves. My brothers and I grew in music throughout the years and Music biz and realized it was difficult.
It grew on me over the years and taught me how to become a survivor.

Touring all over America learning every day about new things. When we started from the East Coast to the west it was like starting the Western civilization individually part by part. Meeting new people every day it became usual. Into the society wants, things that people usually listen to was generally our goal as musicians.

I can remember my brothers in the room jamming out getting together trying to figure out what goes better with what because in the long run it’s all about playing music that you love playing. It’s a Passion like a painter painting on a canvas. Like a fat kid eating. The list goes on and on you get the picture.

We’ve had countless late night sessions getting things adjusted for the gigs coming up. Haha, I could remember my brother practicing every day all day to the point where he got really annoying and threw him out the house but thanks to him we did have a lead vocalist. For music just kept consuming like a burning fire.

My intentions were to get big and make a lot of money like any other indie band. I sometimes laughed and realize that that was absurd but it is a passion. One time, we were in Sacramento California playing in a pretty venue that said it 1000 people or more. I could see the crowd that night jumping up-and-down to the vibe the beat of the music. People can become very sensitive to music and it’s like a trip on memory lane at times.

For instance, welcome to the jungle reminded me with my first encounter with black women. You could just imagine the amount of women that have come by because we were musicians. Or other nights trashing hotels and pissing off managers. It was all fun and games and enjoyable memories that have tarnished my soul for the rest of my life. Our lead vocalist was the youngest in the group but he had an aura of maturity that gleamed overall.

Our guitarist were definitely the oldest but never took the helm of leading the group. Pianist Mr. smoothes his fingers are ridiculous and it was simply going with the flow. Where I’m going at is the chemistry of the band the fundamental root our intentions were to play music that everybody and we loves. Just to have a good time with a good group of people.